Cabling Trees Together

Preventing tree failure with cabling systems

Trees with Problems

Laminated Root Rot, cracks, poor structure, bronze birch borer, codominant stems, windthrow, decay, fungal conks, stem bulges, vertical resin flows

Tree Climbing Pictures

Pictures of people climbing trees

Kids Tree Climb at Lake Quinault

We found a large Spruce Tree to climb right on the lake

Views from the tops of Oak Trees at University of Washington

We were pruning out dead wood from some Oak Trees at the UW Campus

Views from Today's Office

The PNW is beautiful, being an arborist the trees are our office, and the views can't be beat

Crane Jobs

Champion Tree Care has a crane and we know how to use it

Cat in Tree Rescues

Dan Kraus has rescued over 1,000 cats that have been stuck in trees for days