Cabling & Bracing Trees

Steel cable system in Fir Tree

Steel Cable, static support system in Big Leaf Maple Tree

“Yes, trees are big and tough. Yet they do have their limits for maintaining the biological integrity and structural integrity of all of their parts. Branches do break. Trunks do split. And roots do release their grip on the soil. When loading increases beyond the intrinsic strength of any structure, failure of the structure is inevitable.” Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck.

Cabling and/or bracing can give additional support to your tree if it is determined to be structurally weak.

This supplemental support will help to prevent damage to your trees, such as stem and limb failure, and provide some protection against storm damage. This extra protection can extend the life of feature trees.

There are two main types of cabling systems, Dynamic and Static.

Dynamic systems prevent breakage cause by oscillation-induced overstretching. With a properly installed dynamic cabling system the oscillations of the crown are not impeded, yet load peaks from strong gusts are softly dampened.

Static systems. If damage is already present (i.e., formation of cracks),we recommend installing a static system. By immobilizing the critical spot, this type of cabling system prevents enlargement of the crack and helps prevent the branch from breaking off.

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